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Frequently asked questions

Using Supertitle
The microphone can not pick up the movie's audio for syncing when the user is using earphone or headphones. There are two solutions:
  • The simplest solution is to complete the syncing first using the speakers (that the microphone can hear) before plugging in the earphones/headphone. You can also place the earbuds/headphones next to the microphone during the syncing process. However, the disadvantage is that the movie may go out of sync later in the movie and you will need the microphone to "listen" to the movie's audio again to resync.
  • The other solution is technically more complicated but minimizes the resyncing problem. Install SoundFlower and follow the direction for "Open Audio MIDI Setup". Afterward, goto System Preferences > Sound > Input. Under "Select a device for sound output", select Soundflower (2ch). After finished using the Supertitle, change the sound input back to "Internal Microphone"
You can submit a subtitle request on the Subtitle Suggestion Form. Even when a subtitle is available on database websites (e.g. opensubtitles.org) that our application calls, it may not be available on our application because they may be labeled as failing our system's quality control criteria. However, the quality of these subtitles may be satisfactory to humans and our staff can manually test and pass them if there is a request.
Be sure the microphone can hear the movie's audio so that the subtitle can resync itself. There may be extra scenes or gaps in your version of the movie that our subtitles can not sync to, so just wait for those scenes to pass and allow it to resync after those scenes. Resyncing is done automatically when the microphone hears the movie's audio. We recommend the Soundflower method discussed in the headphone question if the subtitles are constantly being out of sync and resyncing, which occurs for movie versions with many extra scenes or gaps.

And ultimately, we may not be able to correctly sync that subtitle version, especially if it has a low rating. You can try another subtitle version if available. Leave a comment for that subtitle version so that we can manually label/correct it. If you can, specify in the comments the version of the movie you were watching (e.g. standard or extended edition) and the source (e.g. Amazon, DVD) to assist us and other users. You can also simply include the video's url if appropriate.
General questions
The major challenges with online subtitles have been with syncing and lack of quality control. Our service is essentially solving these two problems by providing subtitle file syncing and labeling, resulting in a user-friendly, modern experience instead of the frustrating trial-and-error approach that plagues most users. These challenges are solved through two parts. The first part is using the movie's audio to find the point in time that the movie is playing. So the syncing requires "listening" to (through the microphone or audio driver) and analyzing the movie's audio. The second part is using our novel algorithm to label and impose a quality control on the large but messy online subtitle databases.
The subtitles are from opensubtitles.org, subtitleseeker.com, subsmax.com, thesubdb.com, and more as we expand. The application then time-adjusts the files and may decide to reject ones that do not pass our criteria.
Uploading subtitles is currently not supported. You can upload your subtitles on opensubtitles and then Contact Us so that we can get Supertitle to incorporate it.
The recorded audio is processed locally on your machine and then immediately discarded. Neither us nor any third party have access to your audio data.
Supertitle is currently in a free introductory period.
You can purchase or rent movies from Amazon Video through our application's "Available at Amazon" links. A percentage of that purchase will go to support our maintenance and updates.
System Requirements
Supertitle is currently only compatible with Mac OS X 10.9+. Functioning speakers and microphone are required.
See the help page for complete details.